How To Show More Apps On Windows 11 Start Menu

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced an all-new Start menu. The new Start menu opens at the center of the screen instead of the left and displays a search bar at the top followed by pinned apps and recommendations section. The Pinned apps section displays pinned apps in three rows. Similarly, the Recommended section shows newly installed apps and … Read more

How To Turn On Or Off Mobile Hotspot In Windows 11

In Windows 11, you do not need third-party software to convert your Windows 11 PC into a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot. The built-in mobile hotspot functionality can be used to share your internet connection with others. All the recent versions of smartphone and desktop operating systems allow you to share your internet connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. … Read more

4 Ways To Uninstall Windows Updates In Windows 11

Keeping your Windows 11 operating system up-to-date is critical for optimal performance and security, but most users ignore this. That is why Windows 11 automatically downloads and installs security and quality Windows Updates in the background. Windows Updates often bring bug fixes and performance improvements to Windows 11 operating system. Although Microsoft does the due … Read more

Does Windows 10 Automatically Upgrade To Windows 11?

Windows 11 is only a few months away from its public release. When Windows 11 is released in the last quarter of 2021, it will be a free update for eligible Windows 10 PCs. A significant percentage of Windows 10 users eagerly await an upgrade to Windows 11. Many users whose PCs are compatible with … Read more

Can I Get Windows 11’s File Explorer In Windows 10?

Windows 11 has a redesigned File Explorer (formerly known as Windows Explorer). With the new File Explorer for Windows 11, Microsoft has ditched the ribbon menu for a simple toolbar that looks modern and cleaner. In addition to the new toolbar, File Explorer now uses acrylic and also offers a revamped context menu. All in … Read more