Do Windows 10 Drivers Work On Windows 11?

It is common for computer users to have various doubts before updating to the latest version of Windows operating system. For example, Windows 10 PC users who have PCs that support Windows 11 have many questions about Windows 11.

Many PC users contact us to ask if Windows 10 drivers will work when they upgrade to Windows 11. In this guide, we will try to answer this question.

Are Windows 10 drivers compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, most drivers that are compatible with Windows 10 are also compatible with Windows 11. Since Windows 11 is based on Windows 10 and is not radically different, the drivers released for Windows 10 will also work on Windows 11.

That said, some drivers that haven’t been updated for years may not work properly on Windows 11. A driver originally released for Windows 7 may work with Windows 10, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to work. also works fine on Windows 11.

A significant percentage of OEMs have updated drivers for Windows 11. Even if not, you shouldn’t have any driver compatibility issues in Windows 11.

How to check if a driver is compatible with Windows 11?

The easiest way to know if a driver is compatible with Windows 11 is to visit your PC or hardware manufacturer’s website and check for driver details. The driver download page usually displays information about the compatible versions of the Windows operating system.

Even if a driver has not been updated for Windows 11, it’s likely to support Windows 11. But, again, a quick search on the web (with the name and version of the driver) might give you the exact information.

You can also use the official PC Health Check app, which scans your Windows 10 installation and tells you if your PC can run Windows 11. The app should also be able to tell you if a driver is not compatible with Windows 11.

The best way is to install the driver itself on Windows 11!!

We advise you to update all Windows 10 drivers to the latest version before upgrading to Windows 11. You can refer to our how to manually update drivers in Windows 10 guide for directions.

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