Does Windows 11 Support Intel Core i3 Processors?

Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirement for the Windows 11 operating system has made it impossible for millions of PCs to upgrade to Windows 11. In addition to the requirement for secure boot and TPM 2.0, Windows 11 also requires a 64-bit processor. Because Windows 11 supports a relatively small number of processors, PC users have many … Read more

You Can Run Windows 7 Programs On Windows 11

Millions of PC users around the world continue to use the Windows 7 operating system. While Microsoft has officially discontinued support for Windows 7 for over a year (it ended on January 14, 2020), Microsoft is currently offering paid security updates to businesses using Windows 7. If you’re also using an edition of Windows 7 … Read more

Can I Get Windows 11’s File Explorer In Windows 10?

Windows 11 has a redesigned File Explorer (formerly known as Windows Explorer). With the new File Explorer for Windows 11, Microsoft has ditched the ribbon menu for a simple toolbar that looks modern and cleaner. In addition to the new toolbar, File Explorer now uses acrylic and also offers a revamped context menu. All in … Read more