Can I Resize The Start Menu In Windows 11?

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a completely new Start Menu that was originally designed for Windows 10X and is now archived. The new Start menu and taskbar icons appear in the center of the taskbar instead of on the left.

The Start menu shows apps docked at the top in three rows and six columns. Recent files and recently installed apps appear under the pinned apps section. The Start menu allows you to pin as many applications as you want. By default, the Start menu shows up to 24 pinned apps. To see all or more apps, scroll down.

While it looks good, the new Start menu isn’t as customizable as the Windows 10 Start menu.

Many users who have upgraded to Windows 11 wonder if they can resize the new Start menu.

Can I change the size of the Start menu in Windows 11?

Unfortunately not. Windows 11 does not allow you to resize the Start menu. You cannot change the default height and width of the Start menu, unlike the Start menu in Windows 10.

In Windows 10, we can place the mouse pointer on the edge of the Start menu and then drag it to resize it. Windows 11 does not offer that functionality.

There is also no option to make the Start menu full screen in Windows 10. In fact, Windows 10 automatically uses the Start menu on a touch device when used on a touch device. However, in Windows 11, there is no option to extend Start to full screen, even on touch devices.

If you don’t like the default Windows 11 Startup and want to change the default size, you have no choice but to restore the hidden Windows 10 Start menu and resize it to your liking.

Microsoft may resize the Start menu in a future version of Windows 11, but this isn’t possible at the moment.

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