Can I Get Windows 11’s File Explorer In Windows 10?

Windows 11 has a redesigned File Explorer (formerly known as Windows Explorer). With the new File Explorer for Windows 11, Microsoft has ditched the ribbon menu for a simple toolbar that looks modern and cleaner.

In addition to the new toolbar, File Explorer now uses acrylic and also offers a revamped context menu. All in all, File Explorer in Windows 11 certainly looks new.

While most users want to upgrade to Windows 11, not all users are eligible for the free upgrade. Since not all Windows 10 PCs are compatible with Windows 11 due to special hardware requirements, many users wonder whether it is possible to get the excellent features of Windows 11 in Windows 10 without the update.

PC users with Windows 10 are wondering if it is possible to get the new Windows 11 File Explorer in Windows 10.

Install Windows 11’s File Explorer in Windows 10?

No, it is not possible to get Windows 11 like File Explorer in Windows 10. At the time of writing, there is no theme or software that can bring Windows 11 like File Explorer to Windows 10. There is also no option to use the modern context menu in older versions of the Windows operating system.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to the File Explorer built into Windows 10 (or Windows 11), try the latest version of Files. It is an application for UWP and can be installed from the Windows Store.

In the meantime, Windows 10 users who are not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 can continue to use Windows 10. Microsoft will continue to release updates. Windows 10 is supported until October 2025.

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