Can I Add Search Bar To Windows 11 Taskbar?

Search bar toolbar missing after Windows 11 upgrade? Want to know how to search Windows 11 without the search box? Do you want to restore the search bar in Windows 11? In this guide we try to answer your questions.

In Windows 11, the taskbar does not show the large search bar or the search box present in Windows 10 by default. The search bar on the Windows 10 taskbar allows users to search for files, applications and the Internet. However, the taskbar search bar is not present in Windows 11.

Show search bar on Windows 11 taskbar?

Unfortunately not. Windows 11 does not allow you to add a search bar or search box to the taskbar. The search box has been moved from the taskbar to the Start menu. So now you have to open the Start menu, click on the search box and start typing. If you want to do it quickly, you can open the Start menu and start typing to start the search (no need to click in the search field). Of course, you can also click the search icon next to the Start button on the taskbar to open the search screen and start searching (there is also a similar search icon in Windows 10).

Basically, the taskbar search bar has been moved to the Start menu in Windows 11 and there is no way to add it to the taskbar.

How to search without the search bar in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, as mentioned above, the search bar has been moved from the taskbar to the Start menu. So you can now open the Start menu, click on the search field and type the keyword to start the search.

Frankly, the search bar is not necessary to perform a search. The search icon in the taskbar can be clicked to open the search drop-down menu/screen and start searching. This is the fastest way to access the search user interface. Users who like using keyboard shortcuts can use the Windows logo + S keys to open the search menu. Alternatively, users can open the Start menu and then start typing to search for files and applications (no need to click the search bar).

Tip 1: You can remove the search icon from the taskbar to free up space by right-clicking it and then clicking the Unpin option on the taskbar. If the search icon disappears, you can restore it by going to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Items and then enabling the Search option.

Tip 2: Hover over the search icon on the taskbar to display the three most recently searched items.

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