4 Ways To Turn On Or Off Bluetooth In Windows 11

With Bluetooth connections, you can stream music, send data and communicate with nearby devices wirelessly with ease. There are multiple ways to turn on or off Bluetooth on your computers. Some computers come with a dedicated Bluetooth button that sits on top of the keyboard area, and/or on either side of the computer. All Windows … Read more

Can We Hide Or Remove Network, Volume & Battery Icons From Windows 11?

If you’re wondering how to add an icon to the taskbar in Windows 11, it all depends on what you want. There are several ways to pin a shortcut to the taskbar in Windows 11, and you can also include any taskbar items and taskbar corner icons you find useful. Or maybe you want to … Read more

How To Enable Screen Saver In Windows 11

With default settings, the screen saver is turned off in Windows 11 as screen savers are not required on modern PCs. Screen savers were initially introduced to avoid screen burn-in (in Cathode Ray Tube displays) due to cumulative non-uniform use of display pixels. Since screen savers are technically not required for modern displays, Microsoft has … Read more

How To Auto-Hide Taskbar In Windows 11

The taskbar is the thin strip of applications, composing the Start/Windows button, and a quick access tray on your PC. It’s a very helpful feature that’s been a part of the Windows interface forever. You can instantly access different apps and add/remove the apps of your choice to/from the taskbar. The taskbar is supposed to … Read more

How To Add Widgets Icon Back To Windows 11 Taskbar

Windows 11, the newest version of the Windows operating system, ships with a feature called Widgets. Widgets feature is not a new one. Instead, it’s an evolved version of the News & Interests feature available in Windows 10. As per Microsoft, Widgets bring you closer to the information you both need and want. With default settings, … Read more

Is My Printer Compatible With Windows 11?

The usage of the printer has increased as more of us are working from home these days. Otherwise, a printer is an essential part of a workstation. Nowadays, people want to make sure that their printers work with the newest version of the Windows operating system before upgrading. After the announcement of Windows 11, many users have contacted us asking if … Read more

How To Completely Remove Widgets Board From Windows 11

The Widgets feature available in Windows 11 is being touted as a new feature. But it’s nothing but an improved version of the News & Interests from its predecessor, Windows 10. The Widgets feature in Windows 11 does not display weather information on the taskbar, which is mostly a good thing. The taskbar, by default, shows … Read more